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I'm at home for Christmas, and as I flip through the channels post-family viewing of Agatha Christie's Poirot I noticed that the 2009 AMAs were showing on a music channel called 'VIVA'. I'd never heard of this music channel before, but as I'd not had a chance to see the AMAs I pretty much jumped at the chance. Especially as I'm a huge Adam Lambert fan, and wanted to see his performance on a screen bigger than the tiny one on YouTube.

The first performance was by Janet Jackson who, half way through her performance, grabbed the crotch of a male dancer for a considerable time, in a fairly sexually charged fashion. Fair enough, I thought. It's after 9pm, which is the watershed in this country, so that's fine.

Almost two hours later, nearing 11pm, Adam Lambert's performance is finally upon us. I broke off a conversation with my brother (which included hilarious stories about how he always seemed to have to break up fights in his pub on his nights off) in order to give the performance my full attention.

I'm currently planning my letter of complaint to the music channel.

They kept the kiss, which I think they knew they wouldn't have got away with censoring.

What they didn't keep was the moment where, as Ryan Seacrest so charmingly put it, "a dude snorkled in [Adam's] crotch". This was, in my opinion, no more sexually charged than Janet Jackson's performance, and yet despite being almost two hours later this was censored out.

I try to keep this blog all about the music (and, at some point, movies and TV shows), and keep my politics out of it, but since this is an intersect I'm going to make an exception this once.

I do NOT agree with what this music channel did. There are more raunchy things going on in music videos at 6pm than there were in that moment, but for some reason if it's two guys, it's not okay. This double standard is something which I will not stand by and watch happening. I will not accept it. I will not agree with it. And I will not stop pointing it out when I see it.

(In related news, I'm getting Adam Lambert's album for my birthday. Which is - oh, hey, it's the 24th now! My birthday's tomorrow! GLEE!!!!)


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