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I completely forgot to do this yesterday, so today you’ll get two.

Here is a song which reflects how I’m feeling regarding the whole Maine vote thing:

SOTD1: Black Eyed Peas – Where Is the Love?

Just the lyrics, though. If you want music that adequately reflects what I’m feeling (that wasn’t written by a synaesthetic Welsh dude in a basement) this is the song that’s been getting me through the morning:

SOTD2: Busta Rhymes Ft. Linkin Park VS. Chris Cornell – Part Of Me Made It


(the link to play is about half way down the page).
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Thing #39478303 you probably don’t know about me: I am a TOTAL mashup!whore. Well done mashups are my crack, for serious. My friend [personal profile] allmadhere recently linked me to a blog where there are around 20-30 mashup albums, on each of which are around 15 tracks.

Today’s SOTD is from one of them. You’re going to look at it, and think that I’ve gone crazy, but (other than one or two phrases which are a little out of sync, timing wise) it is AMAZING.

SOTD: Nena vs. Jay-Z – 99 Luft Problems (DJ Morgoth’s German Edit)

What made me think of this was that I woke up with the Glee Cast’s version of Don’t Stop Believing a few days ago, and then ended up going through a few of them, and then listened to the mashups that they did, which are amazing and awesome and mindblowing and I’ve linked below because NNNNNGH, okay.

And for good measure:

So you can all get it in YOUR heads!!


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