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SOTD: Panic! at the Disco - New Perspective

So this was the first song that Panic(!) released after the split, and it made me grin so wide I thought my face was going to split. As always, Brendon Urie's voice makes me smile, and the song itself (featuring lyrics such as 'can we fast forward to go down on me?' and 'you come along because I love your face') is utterly joyful.
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So there are a few things of glee today!

- First of all, I am now officially going to see Steeleye Span's 40th Anniversary Tour when it comes to London. I'm going with my Father, which will probably make a lot of people go o.O, but this is a fam thing. They were the first band he ever saw live, and I have been singing their songs since before I could form sentences because he used to play them all the time, so this is fitting.

- Secondly, there has been new music from both the Panic! boys and the ex-Panic(!) boys. You can listen to both on their Myspaces:

Panic! at the Disco
The Young Veins

I am immensely proud of all four boys, and love the directions they've taken. It's easy to see why they had to split to be true to their music - the Panic! record, 'New Perspective', is a cheerful indie-pop track, while 'Changes' - The Young Veins' offering - borrows heavily from the music of the '60s. Though not, surprisingly, as much from The Beatles as the previous Panic album; this track sounds as though it takes more from bands such as The Mammas and the Papas, The Kinks, The Byrds, etc. With both bands the technical aspects (instruments and vocals) are excellent. Of course, it's possible I'm biast, but I really do think that they're good.

- My third point is slightly related to my second, in that Panic! have finally announced that Ian Crawford (formerly of Panic!'s label-mates The Cab) will be replacing Ryan Ross on guitars for the duration of the Blink-182 tour, which means I can finally glee about it to the WORLD. Except for the fact that I am not going to be at any of the tour dates, because I live on the wrong continent. Fail. There had better be videos on YouTube, people. I'm relying on you.

I think that's enough for now. Back later with more band recs!
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Recently, a band that I adore split. They didn't 'break up', because the band itself still exists with two out of the four original members, but the other two have left to explore other avenues.

I'm sad, of course I am. But not as much as I am excited. The only thing that ever concerned me was that they were no longer friends, and there is no evidence of this, so it seems as though it was merely creative differences which sent them their separate ways.

I'm happier it happened like this than they stayed together and nobody played the kind of music they wanted, eventually becoming resentful of each other and never speaking again. It wouldn't be the first time that had happened, and I'm glad it didn't go down like that.

Can't wait until both bands make it over here again!

I am, however, both glad and hugely amused that the result is looking to be EXACTLY as I predicted. My powers of inductive and deductive reasoning have not failed me in this instance. \o/


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