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Regina Spektor – Samson

So the first time I heard this song, I was 20. My most-recent-ex-at-the-time had made me a mix CD because while we were still dating I’d heard Tori Amos’s version of Smells Like Teen Spirit (which if you’d never heard I’d suggest you listen to, like, instantly) over at hers and been like OMG, and a couple of weeks after we broke up she realised she hadn’t given me a copy like she promised and put it on a mix CD for me (because we stayed friends after we broke up. This is something I do).

But anyway, about a few months later she made me another one, and Samson was on it. Not this version; this version is on the 2006 album Begin to Hope; the version I have (well, I have Begin to Hope as well but you know what I mean) is from the 2002 Songs. I personally think the first version is better, but that’s very much a matter of personal taste.
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SOTD: Third Eye Blind ( @3eb ) - Jumper

I love this entire (eponymous) album. If you’ve never listened, I suggest you do so ASAP. (It contains the song Semi-Charmed Life, which you will recognise from the radio in the late ‘90s, although there will be some lyrics that you don’t recognise because apparently it wasn’t considered ‘done’ to play songs about how awesome crystal meth is on radio.)

This song in particular is just kind of perfect. I can't justify that exactly, but if you listen you'll know what I mean.
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SOTD: Gin Blossoms – Follow You Down

A little blast from the past today – think I might go a bit retro for the rest of the week….
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SOTD: The Cure – Burn

"Just paint your face" the shadows smile
Slipping me away from you
"Oh it doesn't matter how you hide
Find you if we're wanting to
So slide back down and close your eyes
Sleep a while you must be tired... "
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SOTD: Tool – Lateralus

There’s not really a story behind this. When I was in university I heard it on my flatmate’s computer and fell in love with it. It’s the musical equivalent of a mood stabilizer for me.
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(Okay, so today’s SOTD was going to be Tori Amos’s Cornflake Girl, but it’s not on Grooveshark so I’ll have to upload the entirety of Tales of a Librarian at some point and do that one another day.)

SOTD: The Cure: The Loudest Sound

I love this song. The music is almost-but-not-quite melancholy, almost-but-not-quite an emotion which is nearly happiness, but comes closer to ‘smiling a little bit’, and lands almost directly on ‘wistful’. The lyrics land quite solidly on the ‘sad’ side of wistful:

“Side by side in silence they pass away the day. So comfortable, so habitual, and so nothing left to say. Nothing left to say. Nothing left to say. Side by side in silence his thoughts echo ‘round. He looks up at the skies, yeah; she looks down at the ground…stares down at the ground. Stares down at the ground. Side by side in silence they wish for different worlds: she dreams him as a boy, and he loves her as a girl. Loves her as a girl. And side by side in silence, without a single word. It’s the loudest sound. It’s the loudest sound. It’s the loudest sound I ever heard.“
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SOTD: Trespassers William - Different Stars

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I completely forgot to do this yesterday, so today you’ll get two.

Here is a song which reflects how I’m feeling regarding the whole Maine vote thing:

SOTD1: Black Eyed Peas – Where Is the Love?

Just the lyrics, though. If you want music that adequately reflects what I’m feeling (that wasn’t written by a synaesthetic Welsh dude in a basement) this is the song that’s been getting me through the morning:

SOTD2: Busta Rhymes Ft. Linkin Park VS. Chris Cornell – Part Of Me Made It


(the link to play is about half way down the page).
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So I was in an absolutely foul mood this morning – still am – due to iTunes being the most evil piece of software on the planet that wasn’t made by Microsoft.

However, on the way to work today I was flicking through my (severely depleted) options on my iBob II, and luckily Dave Matthews was still on there.

SOTD: Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me

My history with this song is long and involved, so you’ll be pleased to know I’m not going to go into it. However, I can highly recommend Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live in Radio City, which you should all listen to (if you haven’t already).
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Thing #39478303 you probably don’t know about me: I am a TOTAL mashup!whore. Well done mashups are my crack, for serious. My friend [personal profile] allmadhere recently linked me to a blog where there are around 20-30 mashup albums, on each of which are around 15 tracks.

Today’s SOTD is from one of them. You’re going to look at it, and think that I’ve gone crazy, but (other than one or two phrases which are a little out of sync, timing wise) it is AMAZING.

SOTD: Nena vs. Jay-Z – 99 Luft Problems (DJ Morgoth’s German Edit)

What made me think of this was that I woke up with the Glee Cast’s version of Don’t Stop Believing a few days ago, and then ended up going through a few of them, and then listened to the mashups that they did, which are amazing and awesome and mindblowing and I’ve linked below because NNNNNGH, okay.

And for good measure:

So you can all get it in YOUR heads!!


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