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First post in a new journal is always awkward. You're trying to fit into your own skin again, and it's never going to be comfortable.

This journal isn't a personal journal. I have other places for that. This is for music - discussion, news, flail, squee, and for use in modding comms I have planned but have not yet created.

You'll be able to see from my interests what bands I'm into, but the one I'm currently championing in a major way is a little band called Anarbor. They're young, fresh, and talented, and anyone who has an ear for music will know that these five kids from Arizona are destined for great things. I found out about them through their innovative marketing (they started following me on Twitter quite randomly) and I realised that their music was amazing. I am now on a mission to drum up a massive UK fanbase for these folks (aided and abetted by some friends) and possibly go even further.

Point being, if you're still reading this and not yet over on Anarbor's myspace listening to them, that's...full of fail. Go! Listen! And then come back here and volunteer to help. *grins*


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