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SOTD: ( @falloutboy) Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance

So four years ago I went home for the whole summer. I spent it basically as my parents’ housekeeper, on meds, and trying not to go totally crazy (because occasionally I am mentally unstable like a fox). Most of my time was spent watching music; surfing through channels to find the songs I really wanted to listen to.

I’d never watched the video for Sugar, We’re Going Down (the song released previous to this one) because the first few seconds of the video annoyed me; also, I wasn’t really in any fit state to be making judgement calls. But I’d ended up switching this one on about half way through and got sucked in by the tiny dudes playing guitars, one of whom was wearing eyeliner and licking one of the other dudes’ guitar and I fell a little bit in love with PWentz (not in a way where I found him attractive, exactly, although he's not unattractive - but if there’s a week where I don’t fall in love with someone to some capacity or another it’s a bad week. Last week it was the girl doing magic tricks in Hamley’s). Then there was an interim period where I think I got them confused with another band that I didn’t like, and kinda avoided them, but I’d rather not talk about that.

Two years later, again while mentally unstable like a fox, I ended up with Sugar, We’re Going Down and It’s Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine; I Am Thinking It Must Be Love on some random playlists that a friend had made. I listened, liked, but I didn’t really know who they were. I figured it out a few months later (when every time I listened to them I just couldn't stop smiling, bought almost their entire back catalogue, and have been totally obsessed with them ever since. I’m now one of http://thefortysixthirtytwo.com. It’s pretty awesome.

Say what you like about their music – like it or don’t like it; like any other art, it’s completely subjective – but I don’t think there’s a single band who does as much for their fans, or takes their fans down the rabbit-hole half as often to new and exciting adventures, as this one.


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